Completely rebuilt from scratch.
The new way to Pro.

Premium Features

New tools that'll help you get to your audition right away.

phone in portrait Image

Record in Portrait

Import and shoot in portrait too.
Add Scene Audio and you’re ready for any TikTok style auditions or full-body Slates.

pause Image

Play/Pause Scene Audio

Control the conversation by starting and stopping Scene Audio.*
*Bluetooth media controller required.

import Image

Import Scene Audio

Have a Scene partner record the other characters then import them into your Scene. Seamlessly.

teleprompter icon


Finally ditch the printer!
Import PDFs to use as a teleprompter when you record a Take.

teleprompter icon

Transitions & Title Cards

Choose where to place title cards
and transitions or even remove them completely.

teleprompter icon

Media Galleries

Store headshots and slates to
easily add them to your title cards and submissions.

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Multiple Scenes + Audio

Take your time to nail the scene.
Get unlimited Scenes and Scene Audio.

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AuditionDrop Included

Share your auditions in just a
few taps with AuditionDrop.

All Premium Features

  • Remove Slatable® watermark
  • Unlimited Auditions a Month
  • Unlimited Scenes + Audio
  • Video importing
  • Unlimited Takes per Scene
  • Unlimited Representatives
  • Save indidual Takes
  • Shoot video in portrait
  • Teleprompter
  • Import Scene Audio
  • Pause/Play Scene audio
  • Edit or remove title cards
  • Video importing
  • Headshot album
  • Slates album
  • Headshot on title cards
  • Slate with title cards
  • AuditionDrop Share included

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