Photo of Slatable CEO David W RossSlatable was created by British actor/film maker David W Ross after a particularly stressful self tape session at his home in Los Angeles. Without a reader and less than an hour to submit, and having to cobble together a rather complicated workflow with his iPhone, iMac, iMovie and GarageBand, he pondered an almost decades old question: “Why isn’t there an app for that?”

Struck with inspiration he set out to design a one-stop-app for recording, editing and sharing self tapes, even if you were on deadline with no one to read with. The app would have to be powerful enough to handle all the technical aspects of self tapes, but simple enough to allow actors to concentrate on what they love best: acting.

Slatable was released on the AppStore in July 2016 and has quickly become the go-to app for professional actors self taping worldwide.