Slatable CEO David W Ross

Slatable CEO David W Ross

David W Ross

Creator of Slatable

David W Ross is an award-winning actor, filmmaker and tech entrepreneur living in Los Angeles. Not content with being a 90’s British boyband member, David escaped his fame at 21 by moving to Los Angeles to concentrate on music and writing.

After being scouted by a commercial acting agency David began auditioning for TV spots, and to his surprise, booking jobs. On set he fell in love with the process of filmmaking and found a new regard for acting and actors.

In an almost improbable turn of fate David’s first major feature film audition lead to being cast in the Sundance film festival double winner Quinceañera (Grand Jury & Audience Awards). The film also picked up the Independent Spirit’s John Cassavetes Award. The film brought to the forefront latino culture in Los Angeles and also the everyday lives of gay men living in Echo Park. Inspired by his experience working with directors Wash Westmoreland and Richard Glatzer (Still Alice, The Last of Robin Hood) David went on to write, produce and star in his own issue driven movie I Do, which explored the heartbreaking realities gay people and their families faced before DOMA was overturned by the US Supreme Court. Raising over $100,000 on sites including Kickstarter and Indiegogo I Do went on to win 12 festival awards including “Best of the Fest” at Palm Springs International and enjoyed national and international theatrical and digital releases.

Being so involved in the production of I Do David was an integral part of the casting process. The lead cast were recognizable names, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Alicia Witt and Maurice Compte, which were, and are often, straight offers with no need to audition. But the rest of the cast were found the usual way with actors coming into the room and self taped submissions. David was able to read with most of the talent, spending a lot of time with his casting directors seeing how they work and how important the casting process is to the success of a film.

After the success of I Do David began, once again, to focus on acting. Ross, like many of his actor friends in LA, was asked to submit a self tape for a pilot within the hour. With no one to read with the last thing he wanted to do was get his head bogged down with multiple apps to record audio of the other characters, film, edit and send before the deadline. He just wanted to do his work and send out the tape. Frustrated he wondered why there wasn’t an app for that and after some research he realized there wasn’t.

Having been in commercial and theatrical acting for years, David called up casting directors he’d met and gone in for, asking them what they would want from an app that could tape, edit and deliver self tapes. After six months of R&D Slatable was released on the AppStore in July 2016. Since it’s release the app has been downloaded thousands of times by actors all around the world. With over 120,000 sessions to date, the app has helped cast film, TV and stage, from pilots to feature films to commercials.