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Say goodbye to expensive Self Tape studios.
Say hello to Slatable.

  • Your own personal scene partner.

    If you don't have someone to read with Slatable lets you record audio of the other lines so you can play them back when you record a take.

  • Title cards and transitions. Automated.

    From fade-in to fade-out Slatable automates professional title cards and smooth transitions between each scene. So you can relax and concentrate on your performance. And with our patent pending process setting everything up is fast and easy so you can get right to your audition.

  • No editor required.

    Record as many takes as you like, play them back, rearrange their order or trim off what you don't need. Slatable only uses your favorite takes in the order you choose making creating a self tape a snap.

  • Export files to industry standards.

    Slatable automatically names your self tape to industry standards so casting will always know who and how to contact you after you submit. Slatable also knows if you're on cellular and compresses your video accordingly, to save you time and data.

Audition Without Distraction

If you use the front facing selfie camera but get distracted by seeing yourself audition, Dark Mode blurs and darkens the screen allowing you distraction-free takes. Just another way Slatable supports you in putting your best self tape forward.

Meet your new audition buddy.

Slatable automates all the technical stuff so you can focus on your performance. No need for tricky editing software or even a computer.

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